About Us

The Little Closet and Co. Is a small business that was founded by Sumayyah Ally, a mom who is inspired by her daughter Eemaan and her love for creative styling and fashion.

After much difficulty trying to source on trend clothing and accessories locally and internationally she decided to create a much needed platform that enables moms alike to purchase beautifully crafted local and imported pieces and make these easily accessible to all. With this, The Little Closet and Co was born.
The Little closet and Co. (TLC & Co) teamed up with amazing local baby and kids brands in order to offer other small business owners the opportunity to grow, expose and display their products to a wider audience under one roof.
Sumayyah has also designed and created a handmade brand of baby and kids clothing exclusive to TLC & Co. As a creative at heart she started the Eemaan Handmade range. This range incorporates simplistic designs adding an edge using textures and current colour pallettes whilst inspiring new trends. Only the highest quality of material is sourced locally and each item is carefully crafted with love. Eemaan handmade aims to promote exclusivity to match the individuality of your little humans.
In 2021 Sumayyah sold TLC & Co to Sunaina Pillay. Sunaina is a mom of tow beautiful kids and has visions to take TLC & Co to new heights. Watch this space and we grow together. 
Supporting The Little Closet and Co. is supporting small and supporting a dream.
Sumayyah and Sunaina
Sunaina and her two beautiful children